What do you want to be investing your life in?

What are you actually investing your life in?

Our honest answer to these questions may surprise us.  Often we think that our treasure will follow our hearts, but Jesus suggested something different when he said “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  In other words, where our treasure goes (our time, money, and energy), our hearts will follow.

It’s no wonder, then, that many of us feel a sense of tension about our lives and finances. We want to give our lives to our church, our family, our God. Instead, our hearts follow our debts, our bills, our jobs, and often we don’t even realize it. We are left feeling stretched, conflicted, and empty.

Since Jesus cared about our hearts, he talked about our treasure.  Join Pastors Brian and Blake October 8-29 at all three worship services for Treasure – one special series shared two unique ways — exploring Jesus’ words about what we want to be investing in, what we actually are investing in, and how to experience the power found in making God our treasure.

Treasure Online Commitment Card


October 8 – Where Is Your Treasure? (Matthew 6:19-21)  Treasure #1


October 15 – The Problem With Two Masters (Matthew 6:24) Treasure #2


October 22 – Giving Away Our Treasure (Matthew 6:1-6) Treasure #3


October 29 – Don’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing (Matthew 6:25-34) Treasure #4