On behalf of the Worship and Task Force Committees, we are pleased to announce the transition of a restructured Morning Glory contemporary service to THE BRIDGE, beginning September 10th at 10:55 A.M. It will remain a casual service featuring a message and trending contemporary Christian music. 

We ask that you continue to be in prayer for all of our church’s worship services that we may better serve and promote Christ not only through and in our church congregation but also with and for our community as well. For further questions, please email worship@lagrangefumc.org.

Here are some “Frequently Asked Questions” based on feedback from the congregational input and Long Range Planning Town Hall meetings — along with written and verbal feedback.
  • Why are we eliminating “Morning Glory” worship?  We are not eliminating it.  Beginning September 10, 2017, we are merely moving it to 10:55am and renaming it as “THE BRIDGE.”   The location in the Fellowship Hall will remain the same.
  • Why are we doing this?  Since 2010, our “Morning Glory” contemporary worship service has experienced a 47% decline in average attendance.  Informal feedback over the last few years has taught us that the early time (i.e., any start time before 10:30am) is not family-friendly, nor is this likely to be so in the future.  Our hope is that our new later time will make this service more appealing to unchurched people in our community, especially to families with children and younger adults.  For one, we will now be able to offer a more effective children’s church that will serve children of both our 10:55 and 11:00 services.
  • My family and I enjoy worshiping at an early hour before Sunday School. What do we do now?   It is our hope that you will prayerfully consider worshipping at our 9am Chapel service, which is open and geared to people of all ages.
  • Many churches are also offering contemporary worship experiences about the same time. Why aren’t we doing something different and more “outside the box”?  Our eventual goal is to do just that. Moving our current contemporary worship from 8:45am to 10:55am is merely the first step in this process — it is the “bridge” to a totally new (fourth) worship service in the future.
  • Will this “new” service “compete” with the 11am Sanctuary service?  Not any more than our 9am Chapel and 8:45am Morning Glory currently “compete.”   Our 11am traditional worship in the Sanctuary will remain unchanged in style and format, and our hope and prayer is that people will choose whichever style they prefer on any given week and invite their friends to attend with them, whether it be 10:55am contemporary in the fellowship hall or 11:00am traditional in the Sanctuary.
  • Is THE BRIDGE merely the first step in creating one, blended 11:00am service?  Absolutely not.  While we will still offer occasional combined services on special occasions as we do now (such as on Homecoming & Patriotic Sundays), we will continue to offer two distinct worship experiences at the 11am hour – one traditional; one more contemporary.
  • Will this “new service” in the Fellowship Hall conflict with our Korean congregation meeting in the Chapel?  The Korean Methodist Church of LaGrange is currently in the process of purchasing a facility that they plan to renovate and move into. So, while there may be some initial overlap, we do not anticipate this being a long-term issue.
  • Will having two services at the same time create parking problems?  Possibly. But again, we currently already have two services offered at the same time and parking is not a significant issue.  If the need warrants, we will create a new parking attendant volunteer ministry to help maximize the use of our parking lots and spaces to assist with this need, and will be monitoring this issue closely as we make this change.
  • Are we changing anything else?  No.  9am traditional worship in the Chapel, 11am traditional worship in the Sanctuary, and the 10-10:50am Sunday School hour will all remain the same.
  • Why THE BRIDGE, and why 10:55am?  A “bridge” is a something that allows people to pass from one side of a divide to another.  It is our hope that this new service will provide a way for people to leave the cares of this world behind at least once per week in order to fellowship with God.  And, as mentioned earlier, it will also serve as a “bridge” to a more “outside the box” future fourth worship service.  The 10:55am time itself is merely a way to more easily differentiate this service from our 11:00 traditional service in verbal conversation.