Bible Studies

If you are interested in taking Disciple Fast Track or

the Believe Bible Study this year,

please contact the church office at 706-884-4635 or

send an email to to sign up.  


Disciple is a popular interdenominational small-group Bible Study experience which has touched and transformed literally hundreds of thousands of lives over the last 30 years. Participants commit to reading selected biblical passages for 30-40 minutes daily, and then gather with a group once a week for an hour and a half guided discussion based on their readings.

Throughout this process, you will be strengthened in faith and ministry, and will develop long-lasting friendships within your group. This year, LaGrange FUMC will offer the Disciple Fast Track group study, which will be led by Janice Ingram.

Disciple Fast Track: Is a 24-week study offering an overview of the entire biblical story from Genesis to Revelation. Participation in Disciple Fast Track is a prerequisite for any of our other future Disciple Bible studies.

Classes will be offered on Sunday evenings from 5:00pm-6:30pm in the Maranatha classroom on the 1st floor of our Sanctuary building.



Believe is a multi-sectioned group study that was introduced to our church this past spring. It was so popular that we’ve decided to share the second of its three-installments this fall. Believe uses Scripture to focus on essential beliefs, practices and virtues that every Christian needs to know and live by. It also and how God’s word can help us think, act, and become more like Jesus in our daily lives.

Believe Bible Study: is a guided 10-week study that focuses on key biblical and theological concepts found throughout the Scriptures. Each 10-week installment is independent from the others and can be taken without having completed the previous section.

Classes will be offered on Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm-7:30pm in the Small dining room in our MMC building.