January 14th – February 11th Sermon Series

9am & 11am “Traditional


Are faith and science mutually exclusive ideas?  Or do they complement one another?  Do the latest scientific discoveries about our universe, life and medicine threaten religious faith? Or confirm it?  Has science moved humanity beyond its need for religious faith (as some have proposed)?  Or is faith more important now than ever?

Join Pastor Brian January 14th – February 11th at our 9 am Chapel and 11am Sanctuary worship services as we explore the relationship between science and Christian faith.

January 14God and Galileo (Overview of the relationship between faith and science)

Faith & Science #1 – God & Galileo

January 21God and the Big Bang (Our amazing, miraculous universe)

Faith & Science #2 – God & the Big Bang

January 28Adam and Apes (Thoughts on the origins of humanity)


February 4Body, Mind & Spirit (The connections between faith and medical science)


February 11  — ‘New Science’ and the Future of Faith (The impact of science on faith)

10:55am “THE BRIDGE


After we celebrate the birth of Christ, we move into a season of hearing the stories of people discovering and understanding the Jesus’ identity. In the time from Epiphany to the beginning of Lent, we too will discover the depth of who Jesus is, and likewise who we are called to be as His followers. What identifies us in such a way that others see the unmistakable likeness of Christ in us?

We hope that you will join Pastor Blake this New Year at THE BRIDGE service as we together look at how we are Known and Called to be disciples of Jesus.

January 14Known and Called #1: Called to See and Be Seen – John 1:43-48


January 21Known and Called #2: Called to be Fishers – Mark 1:14-21


January 28Known and Called #3: Called to take a Stand – Mark 1:21-28


February 4Known and Called #4: Called to offer Healing – Mark 1: 29-38


February 11Known and Called #5: Called to Gather – Mark 1:40-45

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