February 18th – March 25th Sermon Series


 What did Jesus mean when he taught his disciples what is known today as “The Lord’s Prayer”?  Why was it radical and controversial in its time? And what relevance does it still have for our lives today?

Join Pastors Brian and Blake February 18-March 25 at all three worship services for The Prayer of Jesus – one special series shared two unique ways – exploring the meaning and relevance of this powerful prayer, phrase by phrase.

            February 18:   “Our Father In Heaven” — the identity and character of God   The Prayer of Jesus #1

            February 25“Thy Kingdom Come” — the nature of God’s kingdom  The Prayer of Jesus #2

            March 4:  “Give Us This Day” — the sufficiency of God’s provision  The Prayer of Jesus #3

            March 11:  “Forgive Us Our Trespasses” — the power of forgiveness  The Prayer of Jesus #4

            March 18: “Lead Us Not Into Temptation” — the importance of trust  The Prayer of Jesus #5

            March 25 (Palm Sunday):  “Thine Is The Kingdom” — the meaning of God’s sovereignty

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